My work expresses life; the amazing, the corrupted, and the ancient and present. It is driven by ‘the moment’; that moment you feel your life rooting, or chasing the butterflies in your stomach, or even when you’re completely stagnant. These moments are what make up our personal destiny, and that is the most beautiful thing to me. I view my work not only as reflections of my life moments, where I can look back and remember where I was in my growth and what I was inspired by, but also a reflection of what I see wrong with today’s world. The paradox of sustaining life and life itself blows my mind - while we are all living these moments, all the time, we are also leaving a trail of destruction behind us slowly ending the source of life as we know it; Earth. I hope my work impacts my viewers, and I hope that they can take with them a reminder to seize their moments, and to be conscious of their actions in those moments